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Turbocharger Components


A turbocharger system is a green product that is both energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Compared to a naturally aspirated engine system, it brings many advantages such as increased engine horsepower, reduced air pollution, reduced noise pollution and better high-altitude performance.

Turbochargers work in high temperature environments. For diesel engines the operating temperature is normally 600 degrees Celsius. For petrol engines the operating temperature is between 800 and 900 degrees Celsius.  The temperature can reach as high as 900 to 950 degrees Celsius for engines in specialized vehicles. As the expectation for engine performance rises, turbocharger’s operating temperature is likely to get even higher in the future.

Because of its highly specialized use, materials used for turbochargers must have the following characteristics:

1. Good high temperature oxidation resistance: Because turbochargers need to operate in constant high temperature, the oxidation resistance grade of the materials used in such conditions will directly affect the product’s life expectancy. To improve the anti-oxidation performance, super alloy is commonly used.

2.   Stable microstructure: The material used should have little or no phase transformation across the temperature range of room temperature to operating temperature. Otherwise the product’s performance and life expectancy will deteriorate. Therefore, it is best to used ferrite or austenite structure as the basis material.

3.   Low coefficient of thermal expansion: Low coefficient of thermal expansion helps to reduce thermal stress and thermal deformation, which will in turn result in better product performance and longer life expectancy.

4.   Good high-temperature strength: The material used must meet the strength requirement under high operating temperature.

5.   Good process performance: While it is important to have good heat-resistance, due to the product’s high structural complexity, high dimensional accuracy and surface quality, the material used for the shell of turbochargers must also have good manufacturability.

We supply high quality turbine housings, center housings and EGR valves to turbocharger assembly manufacturers. Our products meet the various requirements of turbochargers used in different types of high-performance engines. Our product material range includes heat-resistant steel, high nickel alloy, silicomolybdenum, ductile iron and gray iron etc., all of which have both high temperature performance and good process performance.

With our strong technical capability and extensive experience, we are able to quickly and accurately identify requirements and come up with solutions for our customers. We will also keep innovating and continue to enforce quality control for our products so that we can always meet or exceed customer expectations.