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Welcome back from Juliana

Welcome to Ozeyarn for 2011

We’re back with gorgeous new Australian Pure New Wool yarn in breathtaking colors and a wonderfully new and vibrant tonal range. We’re also back with all the indulgencies that we as hand knitters love as much you do: desirable blended and pure fiber yarns, selected knit design books, hand-made buttons and specialty accessories that any avant garde knitter worth their needles must be seen with.

Ozeyarn Project Kits – Technique project kits and full garment kits

And we’ve got Ozeyarn Project Kits from Jane Slicer-Smith! This innovative approach to learning, refining, challenging or improving your knitting experience is designed to introduce you to, or improve your skills on, knitting techniques like Intarsia or Mitred squares.

Ozeyarn Project Kits (OPK) will take you on a hand knit journey of discovery, helping with technique and, just as importantly, they’ll help you understand and embrace color and shaping – two of the most commonly overlooked aspects of knitting – and the major reasons knitters get frustrated and lose the inspiration to knit and create.

Ozeyarn Project Kits contain elements from many of the finished garment kits and teaching guides that make Jane one of the most sought after designers at Stitches events, and in the hundreds of stores she has taught in across America and Australia.

Garment kits from Signatur Handknits

Signatur Handknits produces over 400 knitting  kits from stunning Swingcoats and swagger jackets to Kimonos, vests, cardigans, shawls, capes, throws, skirts, hats and gloves. Ozeyarn will continue to add more of the Signatur Knitting Kits range.

Kits from Swing Swagger Drape

Ozeyarn has a selection of kits from the designs of Swing Swagger Drape: Knit the colors of Australia. We offer the kits in a range of colouways from our extensive pure new wool range and will continue to add more kits to the range.

As the author of Swing Swagger Drape, Jane and publishers XRX, have already won over thousands of knitters by showing that stunning tailored fashion knitting is what knitters should expect or strive for. Jane’s book has laid bare the techniques and design principles that many pattern books either ignore or assume. And with an attitude of ‘designs for every body’ foremost in the pages of Swing Swagger Drape.

I hope you enjoy the new format of Ozeyarn.

Happy Knitting